Found Out

I Keep a Food journal...which probably inst the smartest thing to do..i write down what i eat and how i feel that day and i write the total amount of calories that day, but Friday in school one of my guy friends found it and asked me what it was i promised him not to tell anyone and now today my best friend
found out form him and now they wanna tell my


my mother wants me to eat (we all eat together)...but i dotn wanna tell do i fake it?

The Prince And She

she back tracks to the one 
just that one
NOT soo perfect in every way

he was a prince on his throne 
she was a courtesan not wanting to be alone 

she was in love with a prince 
and just fighting for attention 

he couldn't breath
she never let him 

he let the card rip, slip 
and it was falling fast 
all his scerets going to the out casts 

that was the day he gladly went away 
with his head held high and not a dent in his pride
you would have started to wonder what he had to hide 

he's no longer in control
the poor prince is all alone 

This Is Mainly About how my ex Boy Friend treated me..although he didnt cheat on me the way he acted with girls made me feel like he did..soo i cheated on himm.
ps is was writen a while ago.. im new to this site..
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